Did you leave youWelcome to the University-Jungler home country? Do you come from Syria or from another country? Do you ask for asylum in Germany? Do you wish for starting at university? In that case, you need some information! But first of all:

Welcome to Germany!

In general, this weblog deals with daily and specific subjects, which are related to the “university-jungle” in Germany. These are student subjects like exam nerves, course of studies abroad or tasty recipes. For once, I write in English even if I am afraid that my written English is a bit rusty. 😉 This article deals with the question: Do refugees have the possibility to study in Germany?”

The German language is the key

Do you like to learn German? That is great! Even if German is regarded as a difficult language – you will make it! I found out that the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has developed a special website which may help you. It is a learning portal and you can find it here. First, you choose your mother tongue, then you need to sign up and here we go! 🙂 An App for smartphones should be available in the near future as the Federal Ministry of Education and Research announced. Even if it is not easy to learn German – it is worth the effort!

Recognition of foreign academic degrees

Did you study in your home country? Do you have already a degree? Do you like to continue your course of study?
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers further information about the the procedure for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in several languages. Furthermore, these websites may help you, too:

  • uni-assist: the University Application Service for International Students
  • Make it in Germany.
  • The German State of North Rhine-Westphalia has created a website, which may help you. Here you find information for refugees who want to study in North Rhine-Westphalia

For more information, please contact the Ministry of Science and Research of the German State where you are living now.

The vision of Kiron University: “Just doing good while changing realities”

A few days ago, I read an article about Kiron University, the international university for refugees. At Kiron University refugees have the opportunity to study free of charge. In addition to this, it does not matter where you live: The first two years of the degree programs are online! I like to emphasize the vision of Kiron University:

Our vision is to provide millions of refugees worldwide with the chance to graduate with a university degree for free. We are doing this because time has come for us as humans to realise that the only way to live peacefully and to prosper is by educating people and aiding each other to find our own paths in life. […] (kiron.university/about)

Here you will find more information about Kiron University.

German students support international students

If you study in Germany, you will need help to find your way around the University-Jungle”. Every university or university of applied sciences and arts has an international office. The employees of the international office will answer your questions. Most of the international offices initiate a mentoring program: A native mentor (German student) supports an international student. Your buddy” helps you if you have questions or concerns.

In conclusion may I say: I wish you all the best!